This I Believe

Alianna - Greeley, Colorado
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that at the end of the day everything will be all right. Just like every teenager my life is filled with stress and drama. From homework to boy problems, there is always that little something that gets to me and makes me think that the end of the world is coming. Despite the chaos that transpires throughout the day, I am able to lay my head down at night and know that I have learned from my experiences. I can take that knowledge and start a fresh day with a new understanding.

One instance in particular comes to mind when demonstrating this belief. It was late November, a day before my birthday. My family and I were driving back from Wisconsin on our way home to Colorado when a strong snowstorm hit. The roads to go home were closed. We were trapped hours away from our destination, and sleeping in our car was not an option given that the temperature was below freezing. There were no hotels available to us since there were no vacancies. We were turned away from places that did have room due to the fact that we had our golden retriever along with us. The reality of the situation we were in was finally starting to sink in. I realized that I would probably not be home for my birthday, but more importantly I found that I might not have a safe place to stay the night.

Then an opportunity arose when we heard on the radio that the Salvation Army was taking care of people at a near by facility. We drove there, and they gave my entire family a place to stay. There was a huge room that we went into with all different kinds of people, and they offered us a warm meal. After we had satisfied our hunger, we were able to get a room that we shared with one other family. I woke up the next day, my birthday, on a hard floor lying next to my family, and a family I did not even know. Of course it was not how I wanted my birthday to start out, but I realized that everything was still all right.

Occasionally I am still relatively dramatic and I think I can’t survive, but then I just remember that at the end of the day everything will turn out and be just fine. Moments might not turn out exactly how I want every time, but I have learned that some times that’s okay.