This I Believe

Lisa - Los Angeles, California
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: equality

I truly believe that there is a misconception about feminism and we need to clarify that concept. This misunderstanding comes especially from my Spanish culture, due to the way we are all rise. Where people believe that women are the ones that have to do the housework and raise the kids, while men are working hard and earning money in order to support their families. I truly believe that this was one of the main factors for women’s movement because they were tire of the oppression in which they were living. Thus, for those that didn’t know, in 1967 feminism association begin because they wanted equal rights as men when it comes about education and capability to perform any kind of job they want without restrictions. Therefore, we have to thank all of those brave women that stood up for their and our equality. They made possible the Title IX of the education amendment of 1972 that was crated in order to defend any one that wants to pursue an education without being discriminated if you are a “woman”, religion or social class. In my opinion, feminism it’s just a way to show respect for the female gender and not some kind of rebellion like many people think. Now some other people think that a feminist is a woman try to be a man in the way they dress and act, but they are wrong because that kind of person will be consider lesbian and not feminist. Those are two different concepts that it’s very important for us to understand quite well. There are so many things that need to be said, but not enough time to for it; therefore, I really encourage you to study more deeply the meaning of feminism before you call someone a feminist.