This I Believe

Caitlin - Ridgefield, Connecticut
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that being an educator is one of the hardest jobs you can possibly have. Your role as a teacher is to help children learn in all aspects, not only academically, but socially, and to prepare them for their future and the big wide world! It is our job to help mold children into kinder, more tolerant people by teaching them about social justice and acceptance. They must learn how to treat their peers and others respectfully in the smaller classroom and school community so that they can become better citizens in any community they might someday be a part of, whether it is in the workplace, where they live, or with their families. Because children may not get this kind of instruction at home, it comes down to the responsibility of the teachers to teach their students these values and to make sure that these values are translated into “real life.” It is important that the students apply what they’ve learned to their classmates and anyone else they might encounter. Since student spend the majority of their day in school, and they come to learn that teachers are the ones who impart the most knowledge and wisdom upon them, they will listen to what teachers have to say about becoming better overall people.

Beyond improving children into kind and compassionate people, it is also the role of teachers to inform their students about the world around them. By teaching them skills in every subject, they give students a basis for knowledge in almost everything they might encounter. They can spark a child’s love of learning, and this may be centered around a particular subject or just for learning in general. Inspiring children to be life-long learners is one of the main goals of a teacher, and this must come as early on as possible in elementary school. This will guide children forward in life, as they will always have new goals to attain and new things that they will want to learn. These children are our leaders of the future, so as teachers, we play the most important role in forming and shaping these young minds to be brighter thinkers and to continually want to learn and to achieve higher.

In order to achieve these goals of turning students into life-long learners and better overall people, teachers must do everything they can to ensure that every student is attended to and think of new and creative ways to teach. Since every child learns differently and every child comes from a different background, teachers must really get to know their students, both personally and academically in order to create learning activities and lessons that will work for everyone. Teachers must also incorporate things that are important to each child, from culture to sports, so that each child feels a sense of belonging and importance and becomes further engaged in the classroom. Overall, teachers must most importantly take their role seriously, because they are the people who are shaping our future by shaping the children they teach into better people.