One Person Can Have an Impact

Alicia - Bremerton, Washington
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that if one person does not do their job, the whole group suffers. This idea is a major fundamental in any group project

I first realized this truth while in high school. Whenever I had to do group projects, I would see my own group, and others struggle in their presentations all for one reason; one person did not do their assigned part of the project. I remember in ninth grade I was in a group of three and one of my partners was so lazy that she didn’t do the only thing she was assigned to do: to bring the costumes that were required to bring. Because she forgot the costumes we were docked major points for not having them. It doesn’t matter how many members are in a group, one person won’t do his or her part, making the whole group suffer. Assuming that others will do their job is sometimes wishful thinking. When I am working in group, large or small, I refer to a fairly common: “Never assume anything. It will make an ‘Ass’ out of ‘U’ and ‘Me’.”

Unfortunately, I see a lack of responsibility happen even outside of high school. I remember being at Girl Scout camp as a Program Aide (Program Aides supervise the younger girls at camp.); my mother, along with the assistance of a leader from Port Orchard, was in charge of the two troops who were to be Program Aides: her troop, and the other leaders troop. The Port Orchard group of girls was obnoxious and misbehaved constantly in front of the younger girls. Because my mother was technically in charge of all of the Program Aides, she was blamed for their behavior. My mother was never to be trusted to be the leader of the Program Aides ever again.

My mother and I both feel that she was wrongly accused for this event. We both believe that the other leader should have been punished for her girl’s actions. The other leader should have passed on the rules and guidelines of the camp to her troop and expected her girls to have the common sense to follow those rules. These girls were all old enough to know how to behave in front of younger girls; seventeen and eighteen year old girls should not need to be told how to behave in public.

I constantly notice this idea that if one person does not do their job, the whole group suffers happening all of the time in society. There is no way to avoid this truth unless at least one or all of the members in the group or team truly believes in this idea. I personally intend to stay on top of things when I am in charge or part of projects. I choose not to be that one person who ruins everything for the rest of the world, who do you choose to be: the problem or the solution?