The Death of the Excuse

Cortez - Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Webster dictionary says that the definition of the word excuse is to make apology for; or to try to remove blame. If that is the case then I do not want to have an excuse for how my life has turned out. Like so many before me, I am the product of a mother and father that divorced when I was young. It did not give me an excuse to be afraid of love or to shy away from commitment. Without that excuse in my way, blinding me from the truth, I’ve learned that love is hard, it is sweet, and it is painful. I am happy that I have received a chance to feel what love is. I’ve grown up in housing projects in many different states, many of which are infested with drugs, violence and poverty. It did not give me the excuse to say; since I lived, ate and breathe this darkness; this darkness will forever be a part of me. I can’t let that darkness exist in me. I will not be a product of my environment. In high school, I was never in the top of my class, I was never the person that everyone liked or gravitated toward. I never felt that I was part of my school, I just wanted to finish. Many people including friends and teachers said that I would either never finish school or never amount to anything after school. These people who did not believe in me were my excuse. Since everyone was saying I can’t, I asked myself, why even try. I tried because it was personal. I wanted to prove these people wrong; I needed to prove that I am more than this excuse they had given me. I conquered high school and my doubters. I am a young, black man that is in college, I have a full-time job as a Computer Technician for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I have found love and I have never been a product of my environment. I do not believe in excuses. To me an excuse is a lie that you tell yourself when you have given up. I have not given up and I will not let an excuse define me as a man.