This I Believe

Rachel - Canton, Ohio
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that reading is amazing. I love to read. I mean, really, really, love to read. Reading is useful in several ways. For example, it strengthens your skills as both a reader and a writer, and you learn lots of new words that you can use later to make yourself sound really smart with friends and family. Also, it’s relaxing! When you’re stressed or running around, because you’re terribly busy, you can always just stop, find somewhere quiet, and read. It takes you to a completely different surrounding. Different places, different people, and even sometimes different countries! Because most authors do a little background research before writing a novel, the descriptions of places and scenes are fairly accurate.

Another reason why reading is so spectacularly awesome is because there’s a little something for everyone, regardless of their interests. For example, the academics and the scholars can pick up a good science fiction book. The dreamy, passionate people can pick up a historical romance, and the intellectual ones with crisp, sharp minds can enjoy a thriller or a horror novel. All different kinds of books, for all different kinds of people; it’s perfect!

So next time, when you’re thinking about turning the computer on and waiting for it to load, or turning the television on to watch something you really don’t even like, pick up a book! It’s a trip around the world from your living room.