This I Believe

Britany - Flemington, New Jersey
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change, place

Creating a sense of adventure and finding interesting discoveries has happened to my best friend and I whenever we would get in a car and just drive. I believe in just driving around; there are so many things to discover when there is no set destination. Whenever we were bored we used to get in the car and find ourselves in a new town where we could walk around and go shopping. Many times we ended up getting lost, but always found something new, like the best bagel store.

Ever since I was young my family and I have driven around on the weekends in December at night to look at other people’s houses for Christmas lights. The heat in the car would be on, and we would be listening to Christmas music playing on the radio. One weekend we ended up finding a house that had so many lights on their house and yard that people could get out of their cars and walk around to look at them. It became a tradition for my family to drive around every year to look at Christmas lights.

On the road of life things change, like how people take down their Christmas lights every year and people grow up and get their own licenses. After being so dependent on my parents for driving me around, when I got my license it meant freedom to my best friend and I.

We have taken many road trips throughout the two years that we have had our licenses. We would be prepared with snacks, Monster energy drinks, and a mix CD playing our favorite songs when my friend and I went on our road trips. Sometimes we would have a destination, like when we went down to Wildwood, or sometimes we would just drive around picking out random roads to drive on. When we were on the random trips is when we would find good diners to eat at, or new people to talk to. On the way down to the shore my best friend and I got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on a four lane highway. We had the windows down, and were singing and dancing to a song; the car next to us pulled up and they began dancing too. It was funny because neither lane moved too much further than the other so we were next to that car for a while; we kept laughing at the strangers who were dancing in their car, even though my friend and I were doing the same thing.

When we drove around we always ended up having a great time. A lot of our funny memories have happened in one of our cars while we were driving around with no specific destination. There is so much freedom when you just hop into a car and just drive around; there are so many places to go and new things to see.