This I Believe

Latoyia - Bowling Green, Kentucky
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Latoyia Lowery

To this Day I Still Believe In!

When I first acknowledged Jehovah as being the one and only true God, not only in my mind but my heart and soul as well, I knew that all other religions where not teaching the whole if at all truth about Jehovah. His plain for mankind’s future, what type of God he is, finally his son Jesus Christ and the responsibility he has. From the first time I was able to read as well as say Jehovah God’s name from the bible as a little girl. I believed then right down to present day that Jehovah. Is giving a personal invitation to myself as well as others who so chooses to get to know him on a personal level through the bible. Other then the basics such as that he created the first perfect human pair Adam and Eve to live forever on a paradise earth. Also that he sent his son Jesus Christ to the earth to give his perfect body as a ransom in exchange for imperfect men sins.

I believe Jehovah is a very patient God because so many of us have fallen short of his glory. Yet, Jehovah is still willing to take us back under his wing. No matter how many mistakes we’ve made and will continue to make through out are life as imperfect humans. Just as long as we try to correct the mistakes we’ve made in to not doing them repeatedly. I believe Jehovah loves each and every one of us due to the important fact that Jehovah did not put to death Adam and Eve immediately after they took and began eating fruit from the forbidden tree. In Jehovah not doing so is the reason why each and every one of us is here to this day.

Although many believe that humankind along with the earth will be destroyed during Armageddon. I strongly believe that Jehovah God still has a purpose for mankind to be happy, perfect humans living on a safe, beautiful, healthy, restored, earth. Not having to worry about food shortages, pollution, violence, racism, injustice, along with everything else going wrong with this wicked world today. There are many religions out there in the world today claiming to be the one and only true religion including my own. The only evidence I have to show to back up what I believe in is the bible the very source where I found out as a little girl that Jehovah has a name other then God that he wants us to know as well as use as we learn and draw close to him through the bible.