This I Believe

Emily - North Kingstown, Rhode Island
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

I believe in fairy tales, the kind that only come true in your dreams. I believe that imagination holds the key to your soul, unlocking your deepest desires in ways beyond the realm of possibility. There is a place in your mind where reality and fantasy collide, melting together to create a world unlike any other. It’s like that little girl who lives next door to me. I watch her big brown eyes gaze in wonder at her every surrounding, her toothless smile as bright as the summer sun. I see her pink princess dress spinning ‘round as she dances to the song playing in her mind. Her shoes are untied, and her plastic tiara is falling off her little head. I laugh and wonder as to where her imagination is taking her today.

The simplicity of a child is unlike anything you can fathom. I believe in childlike innocence and living in such a way that only can be compared to the ways of a little child. I miss the carefree days of my childhood, when life made sense. I find peace in the wonder of it all. How can you describe a life of wonder and question, everything exaggerated to the nth degree? I often find myself reminiscing on the summer I spent with the six year olds, submerged in the sounds of children’s laughter and joy. It was this summer that I was taught how to live with childlike faith, approaching everything in innocence and pure sight. I found myself learning more from my campers then I could teach them; my mind was transformed.

We were never supposed to have favorites, but I always did. This time, it was my week one campers; they were the first of the summer. It was the time of year that’s considered perfect weather, the sun not quite scorching but still warm enough to swim. Morning after morning bicycles flew by, screeching to a halt in front of the Day Camp tent as feet scampered to see what the morning activity might be. You ask them what they did that night only to find out that they jumped from their trampoline into the great abyss of starlight and Saturn. It is this imagination that creates a vision of eternal youth. It is their faith, their trust that is transformative.

A part of me is eternally six years old. I’ve learned that it is better to play then to reject laughter; it’s the little things in life that excite me. I believe in the power of imagination, that whatever you may believe will come true. I believe in the pink princess dress, that the little girl next door is merely my mirrored reflection. Her world is my world; her dreams are mine.