This I Believe

Latoya - BowlingGreen, Kentucky
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in me, I believe in me because, I am a unique women, I believe that each strand of my hair has significant meaning. I believe in my heart because, despite a rough life, it gives me the ability to love and move forward through the pain of having been unwanted. I believe in life, the life expressed in the depths of my eyes. i’ve seen so much danger and hatred through out the few years I’ve been on this earth, but when I go home at night I look in the mirror and see right there in front of me “LIFE”, not just plain old life, but “MY” life.

I believe that I am a strong black women: there were many obsticles I had to over come at a very young age, many disappointments and needs, which I’ve lived through and dealt with. Now I’m at a point in my life that I will not give up, I will become somebody in life because, I believe in me. My children are the best part of me in my eyes, because even before I believed in me I believed in them, however all the while I was believing in them, I didn’t realize I was really still believing in me, because they are a part of me.

i am twenty- three year old mother, student, as well citizen of society, and I’m not ashamed to say I started believing in myself just seven years ago. Seven years ago I was with child, I was also still residing with my mother who was phsically, emtionally, an verbally abusive towards me, I dealt with a lot of abuse from my mother, but it was the point when she was trying to convince me that I should kill my child because I wouldn’t be a good mother, and I was a failure, that I decided, I will become something and I will always believe in myself and my child.

Amazing is the only way to define one word, a word that can change who you are, as well as how you feel, that word is “BELIEF”. I’ve had a rough life and I never had anyone to believe in me, I thought the world was against me. But as I got older and started to learn and understand life a little better I realized something, I realized that when I started to believe in me, all those images my mother tried to convince me I was, started to shed slowly away and they were replaced with my beliefs and how I feel about me. I believe in me because, no one believed in my mother and ahe didn’t believe in herself, so I had a hard life with her. Therefore, I believe in me so that my daughter won’t have such a hard time believing in herself like I had.