This I Believe

Karolyn - Danville, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

The communication methods have been changed around because of it. It has surpassed making a simple phone call on a cell phone and has surpassed using a landline or even a computer. It is the thrill of tapping on cell phone button keys to communicate with another person to get into contact with them that is close to you at the time or maybe in an entirely different state. No matter where you are or what your doing you can always find time for it for some reason and it makes things much more easier. This is why I believe in texting as much as possible in your lifetime. The way I see it is you never know when your last time will be that you get to send a person a text. For example, your phone might die or might fall on the ground and break.

It is thrilling to hear your phone make that texting ring letting you know someone thought enough about you to text you. After you hear that ring you get the thrill of suspense wondering who it is that texted you and what in the world could they be saying. It’s also the best feeling when it’s that special someone that you have been wanting to talk to all day and then you see their name on your phone screen seeing that they text you. I also love seeing my best friends names come up on my screen; this makes me know that they miss me and care about mean enough to text me!

Texting is very addictive. It is almost to the point where you just can’t stop, once you start texting a person, it’s hard to stop the conversation. For example it was a normal day in English class I was sitting in class doing my work like a diligent student and I hear my phone vibrate and I try my best to ignore it but, I know you all can relate to me when I say, it’s quite impossible because the suspense kills you thinking about who it was that texted me and what they might be saying. So as I open my phone and to my surprise it was my sister telling me that she could not wait to see me when I come home. Those are the kind of messages that mean the most and are the best to get when your sitting in class because it makes you think of vacation and when I will get to go home.

Sometimes texting puts you into your own little isolated world. It is a world that no one can enter but you and your beloved cell phone. The only three things you are focused closely on are the person you are texting, the message you are writing, and the keys your fingers are tapping rapidly. Part of the addicting aspect of texting is actually typing your message out. When you begin a master of the text messaging, you will soon discover your fingers can work extremely fast to get your thoughts out quickly. Texting is especially entertaining with phones such as the sidekick, which have full keypads.

Other then being addictive and fun, texting also has a purpose in life. It is a speedy way of not only communicating with close ones, but staying in touch as well. If you don’t have time to call someone on the phone, you can always shoot over a friendly text.