This I Believe

junius - 63146, Missouri
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: race, sports

Junius Rucker



This I Believe

Life doesn’t guarantee everyone the same bowl of Cherries. I believe that life is not always fair. Some get more Cherries than others. People will treat football players with ability better than as those without ability. African – Americans do not have it as easy as Caucasian people have. However, black people are still being stereotyped by other people.

For instance, this kid asked why did I talk black and I was offended by it. Why is it that prejudice still goes on in todays society. However, what I mean is that why is it just because your race have a stereotype it means your just the same. Not just with blacks and whites but with other races. Well that shows that the world is your friend because its not fair.

In addition, in this world you have people that I cant stand and them are haters. My reason for not liking them is that they can try to mess you up in all kind of ways. For example, you can be playing football and everyone know that you have talent and you are about better than anyone else but the coaches wont start you. Maybe because of your skin color or they don’t want you to shine because the coaches probably wants to let someone get looked at.