This I Believe

Andrea - St.Louis, Missouri
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: good & evil

All people are different from each other. People are like snowflakes in the sky, always changing and having different shapes. Although, people think that there are right and wrong actions in the world; many actions are viewed differently and judged differently by people. Some people may think that one action of another person is wrong, but another person who sees that same action may consider it justifiable, maybe even right. Though people think that people do the wrong things to harm others, people always think about what is right, in their minds, and try to act on what they think is right.

The name Adolf Hitler makes you think about the Holocaust, Germany and the Nazi party. But did Hitler really just want to kill all people who went against him? Hitler may have wanted to help the people of Germany and get them out of the depression. In Hitler’s mind he thought that the Jews were to blame because, he saw that they still had money and they didn’t, he may have thought that they had all the money.

Little kids think that what they do is always right. I am an example of this, when I was little I had an obsession with markers. I loved markers and thought that I loved them more that anyone else. I started to steal markers from the school and from other places. I thought that because I loved markers so much, that I would give them a better home that where they were already. I now understand that stealing is wrong and do not steal anymore.

One of the most common perceptions of what is right and wrong is the bible. The bible says to not kill others, but people still kill people all the time. In war people kill to protect others or themselves. Gangs kill others because they do not want to be killed first. Many people are killed in Iraq, and American find this justified because of what happened on 9/11. People may also think that it is justified to discriminate or dislike people of Middle Eastern ethnicity because they think that those people are not truly Americans. When people kill or discriminate against others, people think that what they are doing is right and that they are doing a good thing for the world.

People do try to do the right things and help others, but the right thing for some may be the wrong thing for others. Some people think that there is a right and a wrong in the world that is as simple as black and white. But in reality there is no black and white in the world, only shades of grey.