This I Believe

Hannah - M4V 2Y3, Canada
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in family. I believe that the members of your family provide safety, give you values, and teach you how to think of others before yourself. For some people, the person they are is not influenced by family, but by other people. In my case, I have learned and gained the most from my parents, my twin brother, and my older sister.

When I was younger, I thought I could do anything. I did not think that I needed anything from anyone; I was my own person. This may be the reason why, at seven years old, I decided that I would be able to jump from one couch in my basement to the other couch across the room. I did not realize that not being able to fly was a major limitation in trying to accomplish my goal. Mid-air, it seemed to me as if I was going to make it. When I landed flat on my face, three feet away from the couch, I began to cry. My parents were running down the stairs a moment later. My father picked me up and my mother set off to find some Polysporin for the rug burn that covered half of my face. Although I was in pain, I had never felt safer. From that moment on, I knew that no matter what my parents would always be there to protect me. Although they might not be able to prevent my rash decisions, they would be there for me to pick me back up. I believe that this particular feeling of safety can only come from somebody as close to you as your parents are. I believe that we should appreciate this feeling of safety because it allows us to dare, to dream, and to hope for big things.

My twin brother Colm has taught me a lot about values. Although I am six minutes older than my twin, I sometimes feel as though he is six years older. Being a twin, the most frequently asked question that I am faced with is, “can you read each other’s minds?” The response is an obvious no, but I sometimes wish that I was able to read Colm’s thoughts. Colm is intelligent and athletic and has the potential to do great things in life. Colm has taught me about dedication. When Colm is not at school, you will most likely find him on the volleyball court. His passion for the sport has taught me that finding something you love and committing to it is very rewarding. Colm has also taught me about discipline. I do not understand how he does it, but Colm manages to finish all of his homework and maintain great marks while spending so much time playing volleyball. He inspires me to work hard on every task that I am faced with. I believe that my twin brother has given me values that will make me a better person. We must allow ourselves to learn from others in order to improve ourselves and grow over time.

My older sister Devlin always knows how to make me smile. Devlin is the type of person that will give up her time and effort to make you happy. Devlin shows her selflessness in the simplest of ways. Devlin knows how to make the best salads in the world. She will have just finished making her own salad and be sitting down to ear her masterpiece when I walk in to the kitchen. Knowing that I will want something to eat too, she will put down her fork and make me my own salad. Simple things like this have taught me that thinking of others and not just yourself is an important part of life. I believe that my sister has taught me selflessness which has allowed me to develop strong relationships with others. It is through the wisdom that we gain from people who are close to us that we are able to develop strong relationships with other people.

I believe that we can learn so much from the members of our family. How else will we learn the important lessons in life if we do not have family to guide us? Who will be there to pick us back up when we fall? Who will shape our values and the person we become? Who will teach us to love others and develop strong relationships? My family made me the person that I am today. Who has made you the person you are today?