This I Believe

Alexis - Tuscarawas, Ohio
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“Friends come and go, but memories last forever,” is one my favorite quotes. Over the years I have kept many amazing friends in my life, one who has been my best friend, my loyal companion, the only girl that has been there for me through everything, since sixth grade. My sophomore year someone who had always been just a good friend, turned into my very best friend in the whole world! We did absolutely everything together. Her family was my second family and vise versa. You could’ve called us sister’s separated at birth. There wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t hang out and spend the night together. The summer before our junior year, I even went on vacation with her family. It was by far one of the best times I have ever had. I always thought we would be best friends forever. Sadly enough, we entered our junior year being best friends, and came out enemies.

Over Christmas break, her dream of dating a long time crush had come true. In the beginning I really liked him, but eventually started to realize that he was slowly taking my best friend from me. She fell head over heels very quickly and started turning into this person that I didn’t know. She would hide things from her parents, lie to everyone, including me, and sneak around. Four months into their relationship, I found out news that I knew would devastate her. While at a party, her boyfriend cheated on her with another one of our good friends. Unfortunately, I knew what I was hearing was true, because I heard it directly from the culprit. Knowing what he had done, being her best friend, I debated back and forth on whether or not to tell her. Then I thought for a second, if I were in her shoes, I would expect her to tell me. With my heart pounding, I turned to her in the middle of eighth period Chemistry and told her the heart jerking news. She looked at me with such a blank stare, not saying a word. She then asked our teacher if she could go to the restroom, he said yes and as she stumbled out of the room, another friend and I followed behind her. As soon as the door closed behind us, she collapsed into my arms and started bawling hysterically. When we finally got to the restroom she asked so many questions, how we knew, who told us, etc.. I gave her the details, told her everything I knew, which devastated her even more. Eventually we got back the classroom, she told me she was leaving and would call me later. I gave her a hug and reminded her that I would always be there for her.

I had a dentist appointment that night so while I was lying in the dentist chair, all I could think about was her, hoping she was okay, wondering what he was saying. I couldn’t get the whole situation off my mind. After my appointment, as I got into my car, I noticed I didn’t have any missed calls. I found that weird and started to worry even more so I decided I would call her. She answered the phone in a very mean tone, and was being very short with me. I asked her how things went and if she was okay. In the middle of my sentence she cut me off. Being really mean, she told me that her boyfriend didn’t cheat on her, he would never do that, I must have heard it wrong and blah, blah, blah! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was my best friend really calling me a liar? She quickly got off the phone and said she would talk to me tomorrow. After that night, things were never the same.

The next day at school, I waited for her like I did every day, before and after classes, but she was nowhere to be found. For the next week she avoided my phone calls and avoided me all together. We were no longer best friends, we were enemies. I had all of our other friends coming up to me saying that her boyfriend had her convinced that I made up that story just to break them up. Our friendship ended shortly after. I would try to call her, and either not get an answer, or get very short and distant conversations. To this day we are still very distant. I have tried to reach out to her and rebuild our friendship, but it hasn’t worked. We have made plans, but never followed through with them. I’m still really close with her family. They tell me all the time how they miss me and want me to come visit them. As much as I want to, I know it would be awkward and heart wrenching. I honestly think the only way we could ever be on good terms again is if her boyfriend is out of her life. We never had any problems until he came into the situation, we never argued or anything. I miss her, I really do. I miss all the talks we shared, all of our memories we have made, and I deeply wish I could have my friend back, but I know deep down that it will never happen. I guess the saying is wrong, friends aren’t always forever.