This I Believe

Raul - el paso, Texas
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe in running, I believe in going out for a run every day no mater if its at six am in the mooning or at 6 p.m. , I believe in running through grass or pavement, I believe in running up a hill or downhill, it could only be a jog or it could be a hard marathon. Running allows the body to relax and release stress, running changes my life and I become a better person.

When I was in high school ,I was a trouble maker ,I went out to parties a lot. I didn’t listen to my parents. One night my mom gave up on me. She got disappointed at me my because, I didn’t listen to her ,and I was making many of problems and not passing my classes. I felt pretty bad, I felt like a loser, I was disappointed in myself, I wanted to show my parents that I wasn’t a bad kid. So I decided to run cross-country during my high school years. During my years in cross country, I saw running even as a responsibility every day. At practice I work hard and try to do my best in running, when very day at practice was a struggle to survive the workouts. Cross-country became a hassle at the begging and, I didn’t understand why I was wasting my after- noon running or my weekends going to cross country meets instead of going out to parties. After a while I saw some changes in my life. I was healthier and began to concentrate in my studies, and began to pass my classes and I started to win races. On my junior year in high school, I became one of the best runners in El Paso. I even got offered a scholarship from NMSU .I was at the top of my level. I was the favorite on coming back and winning districts on my senior year, I became one of the best runners in El Paso in my senior year .Things didn’t go as I planned my last year my asthma got really bad ,I slow down on my times and I started finishing in the last places. On my last race in high school ,I did horrible, I got last place and my scholarship offer was canceled. I was disappointed on myself specially becouse my dad and my mom where looking at me. I felt that, I had disappointed my dad and my mom, I felt like a loser, but my dad told me that for them I was number one no mater what had happened and that for them ,they were impressed that by running I had changed a lot and that thanks to running I became a better person.

Running is like life you cant have your up hill or your down hills, Running has given me my best things in life like having a healthier life or have help my release stress. The best friend I have made was because of running in cross country . Now that I am not in high school ,I tire to run every day to release stress ,I still run when I can’t ,That is why I believe in running because it have change my life.