Good Manners

Alanna - La Mesa, California
Entered on December 9, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Through good manners, I believe, bad energy can be diffused with human kindness. I believe letting someone cut in the traffic line can diffuse a moment of road rage.

When I order from a drive through and the person asks, “Hi, how are you today?” I always respond (even if it’s not the truth), “Good, how are you?” If I greet the Server with a smile, as I sit at the drive through window waiting for my food, and they smile back I always feel better than I did before I ordered the food.

A Professor in an electric design course decided to pick on me. During a group meeting he called, “Bull$#! +” to a statement I made. I told the group I looked on ‘Goggle’ and couldn’t find a data sheet to describe details of a ‘Hall Effect’ sensor he suggested I used to detect a car. Call me sensitive, but his statement hurt my feelings. I latter went to my computer history to check which site I was at which didn’t have data sheets. Of course, it was an electronic surplus site!

As the semester progressed I would thank him as he handed out papers, and smiled at him when entering the lab. At one point I stood up for him as a student accused him of not handing out literature for a project. I said loudly, “the handout is on the website.” When asking questions through e-mail, I would first ask how his day is going, ask the question, and thank him for his help. Latter he admitted, “He was softening up.” Currently, I believe he gives his advice in a positive, constructive way, and I recognize it as such. Sometimes I believe he helps me more, because he wants me to succeed.

During the group meeting a Female student honed in on this Professors target and latter made the statement, “If she doesn’t get her sensor to work it will be on her shoulders.” I still greet her with a smile, and work with her on a daily bases. She has an abrasive personality, yet a fun personality. She has taught me powerful new skills when she shows up to our group meetings. It is coming close to the end of the semester, and I am offering her help.

I believe one semester a fellow student showed me human kindness when I was overworked, stressed out and made a JERK of myself.