This I Believe

Ryan - jamesville, New York
Entered on December 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe that daydreaming is an essential part of life. Daydreaming helps you think. When you daydream, I think there is a greater chance that you will come up with a great idea. This idea could be life changing, or it could just help you get through the day. Daydreaming is also a great stress reliever. Your daydreams are one of the only places that are completely your own. You have the choice to be the only one in your dreams, or there could be hundreds of people. You are in complete control. It’s like a getaway that’s always there, just for you. Someone would have to have an overwhelming effect on you to be able to disturb your daydream. Not to mention that it would be disappointing.

Daydreaming is very important to me. As a matter of fact, daydreaming played a major role when it came to starting my t-shirt business. I used to keep a notepad in which I would write my ideas from my daydreams. This notepad helped me start my business. This shows that your daydreams can be very rewarding. It’s a source of inspiration. It enables you to take what you love, and apply that to something real and relevant to your life. I’m sure that a lot of daydreaming went into the founding of YouTube.

Daydreaming is also a very relaxing activity. I could be annoyed or angry, and then just lapse into a daydream and it would put my mind at ease. I would almost go so far to say that it is like an anti-drug. Taking drugs puts you in a daydreaming state of mind, or so I’ve heard. That’s why I think that the people that daydream the most are the least likely to do drugs. If they’re already high on their own life and mind, then why should they resort to destructive ways to relax or feel creative minded.

Most people in this world daydream. Some daydream more than others, but everyone daydreams on some level. Personally, it is something that I do a lot. A lot of daydreaming goes into many everyday aspects of my life, even my belief itself. I think it makes me who I am. Daydreams, for me, are a necessity in my life. If there weren’t daydreams, half, if not the majority of, the amazing things that exist in this world would not exist. I believe that many good ideas start with a dream.