This I Believe

Adriana - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on December 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: good & evil

Many experiences in my life have taught me what to believe. I believe that people can be as good or as evil as they choose to be. When I was a little girl I believed what people told me was the difference between right and wrong. Although I haven’t experienced a lot in my life, I do know that I believe in good and evil. People choose how generous or how hurting they are to others. I see a lot of gang violence in my neighborhood. Gang members choose to join a gang no matter what kind of life they have had. They can choose to better their lives but they don’t. I remember a time when my life was threatened as a young girl. Even though I was only five years old I remember it like it was yesterday. My sister and I were playing outside in our old neighborhood when unexpectedly a group of guys started to shoot. My sister grabbed me and ran into the house. My mother was really worried and I could see the hurt in her eyes. It was at that moment when I realized I could die any moment just from playing innocently. I believe people can be very evil and not care about others. I am tired of seeing innocent people die in my neighborhood because of gang violence. That day really affected my life. There is a lot of bad in the world because of stupid choices people make. I can only imagine if I was killed that day what it would have done to my family.

I believe there is a lot of good in this world too. It is up to people to choose when they want to do good. No one forces you to be good or evil. It is a choice you make. I understand that the type of life someone has had affects them, but that is no excuse. People can change for the better but they have to try.

My mother has always been good to me. She raised my two older sisters and myself by herself. She struggled because she had three daughters when she was young. My grandmother helped her a lot because she went through the same struggles. We didn’t have my father around to help us, but she always gave us everything we needed. My mother could have easily neglected us, but she stood by us. My grandmother could have turned her back on my mother, but she didn’t. This shows me there is a lot of good in this world.

All my life the people I held closest to me were loyal. It was a choice they made to support me and love me. It wasn’t an obligation. Even though there is a lot of evil in this world, there is a lot of good in my world.

There is good and evil in this world. Better choices need to be made by individuals.

This I believe.

Adriana Valdez