This I Believe

Anh Vinh - Manlius, New York
Entered on December 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

This I Believe, Anh Vinh Nguyen


I believe in the value of a hard work ethic, and that the key to success is pushing yourself. A solid work-ethic has always been a part of my life; even from my childhood, and I have been successful because of the work ethics instilled by my father, a man whose life has been defined by his ability to achieve what he wanted by pushing himself.

My father is a man of particular intelligence, but intelligence alone could not have gotten him to where he is today. He worked hard through school all his life so that he could become a doctor. He decided to go to medical school (which in Vietnam is only open to the hard-working and truly intelligent) with very little education behind him. He never stopped working, never let himself slip. Most importantly, he took his education seriously; he always worked hard and succeeded because of his attitude to be the best, and to always push higher.

My mother and father realized that they wanted their children to be able to achieve what they wanted in the world, our interests, and our pursuits. And this is one of the reasons that we moved into Manlius, a town with a competitive schooling program that would give us the opportunities that my mother and father worked so hard for. Even today, I find that I push myself in my classes, to be the best, so I can achieve what I want in my life, to become a doctor like my father.

Education is something I consider essential, especially for college and beyond, and getting access to a good education can mean working your butt off. Because in this day and age where education is available to everyone, only the people who stick with it, and are determined will succeed. People who drop out of school are rarely successful, and I find it frightening as to why people give up, thinking that they will be alright, when you need an education to go places in today’s world. Though to educate oneself is only one step, the work ethic that you develop along the way makes education worth something.

A strong work ethic is sadly something that is disappearing from this generation. In America, there are now so many comforts that I see few people who work to their true potential. We have become more of a shadow to the “American Standard”, where everyone worked hard, and reached for their dreams. Now, in such a lazy generation, I find it hard to find hard-working, knowledgeable people that want to help society. Our competitive edge is disappearing, and it is truly a pity that fewer people push themselves academically in a place where education is everywhere.

At times I work myself very hard, and it is overwhelming. I sometimes feel that I will fail. When I question myself as to why I do this, I think of my father, who never let himself fall behind, and it gives me hope that if I push myself, I will succeed. This I believe.