This I Believe

Caitlyn - Newark, Delaware
Entered on December 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

A simple picture can capture some of the most memorable moments in a lifetime. They are everlasting images of times shared with friends and family. I believe in the power of art, all kinds of it. Whether you’re making music, performing a play, or simply snapping a photograph, art can speak to everyone in different ways; it’s universal. I remember when I was little I loved to finger paint. I never really understood how something so messy could create an abstract artwork that would find its way right onto the fridge next to the Oreo cookies magnet. I believe in the progressiveness of art. That as you grow older, your tastes change drastically, but it still remains a part of your life; it’s inescapable. Music has always had a grip on my spirit and has been there for so many important occasions. I seem to find that the perfect song plays on the radio at just the right instant and the artist seems to mysteriously know how you are feeling at that point. What they write gracefully captures your heart and will always be remembered. My mom always told me that I could recollect the lyrics to every song I listened to better than my multiplication tables. But music was simply more poetic than math! The lyrics to “Mmmbop” that I’m still not quite sure of, make me giggle from all the flashbacks they cause me to have. Abba’s “Dancing Queen” reminds me of the play I was in and the ridiculous disco I had to do. But it also brings to mind the pure joy that acting gives me. Everything about the theatre fascinates me, from the painting of the sets to the memorization of lines; this particular form of art requests you to become someone else, unlike yourself. It involves your entire persona, body and soul. If art can enjoyable consume a being like that, captivating things happen. I’ve found that my work not only affects myself, but the audience as well. During a play I was involved in called “Inherit the Wind” this notion was realized because the audience was sitting on stage with the actors. As a performer, I was challenged to relate at least one audience member with my character through the entire story by making them feel for or connect with me in some way. Whether our relationship was linked through shared experiences or sympathy, when this bond occurred it was magical. It made art real and personal for them. It had always lived within, but I think theatre helps people to bring pieces of their realistic daily masterpieces to the surface. Life is a delicate work of art. The music, the photos, the paintings take you back to times in life you may have forgotten and help you to recall the exact details of that stage in your life. Art eternally captures the miraculous eras of existence, and is always there whenever you need it; it’s timeless.