This I Believe

Tashanda - Parsons, Kansas
Entered on December 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Friendships-I believe that anyone should be able to talk to whomever his or her feels like, without being judged by the people they associate and hang out with. From my own experience, I have experienced that my friends had changed when they became older. They had gotten involved and interested in a multiple of different things so therefore, our friendships had changed. Some of them went to the sports life, some of them went to the dancing life, and some of them went to having “no life”. My friends chose those three broad categories themselves. I would not consider myself in just one of those categories because I participate in numerous activities, not just one. That is why friends judge me. Honestly, I do not care what my friends say about me because I feel that I should talk to whomever I feel like, no matter what they look like. As most people have, I have never had a “best friend” that I could tell my whole life story to, or even just call when I needed a shoulder to lean on. Until this day, however, I am still looking for that friend, so until I find that friend, I will talk to whomever I want to. My friends always grew closer to each other than to me. I guess I just was not the one that they could tell their secrets to, or just was not the one that they could see themselves hanging out with most of their time. As much as this was a personal problem, it made me realize that our friendship obviously was not meant to be. I believe that so many people are judged on the way they dress, their body type, the different things they find interesting, or even by their race. I also believe that friends become friends because they are compatible and they have the same interests in things. True friends would not judge he or she for talking to someone they usually would not talk to. Who knows, that person might just become their best friend. You will never know if you if do not give them a try.