This I Believe

Chad - Dunedin, Florida
Entered on December 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in leaving America better. This is my duty and I don’t care if you are going to help. I found this place in this shape and I want it to be better. I don’t want our bridges to be clasping when I am done. I don’t want our poor to not receive government aid after a natural disaster. I don’t want the population to be dependent on foreign oil when we can make ethanol from corn grown by us. I don’t want people to die because they found out about the cancer too late; just because they had no health care. I don’t want terrorist to kill us because we did not kill them when we had the chance. I don’t want teenagers being told they can’t go to college because it cost a lot of money. I don’t want people to not earn a living wage. There is so much more I don’t want I am just going to stop right there.

I want us to have the medical breakthrough that stem cell research can give us. I want us to capture Osama Bin Laden and bring him to justice. I want clean rivers that I can eat the fish out of with out having to worry about mercury poising. I want plenty of woods I can hunt in and our coastline to retain its shape. I want Americans to make decisions about America and not the corporations. I want marijuana probation to end just as alcohol probation did leaving us less criminals to contend with. I want a college football playoff system so it will be fair. I want jobs to stay here, products produced here, and food grown here. I want public colleges that are paid for just like k-12 is.

To do this I will only vote for the representatives who want to take us in this direction. However, is this enough should we just vote a certain way? I will run a campaign, give some money to the candidate of my choice, go door-to-door, wave signs, and man a phone bank. If I don’t like any of the candidates on the ticket I will find some one I do like and run them; watch out you just may see a resurgence of the freak power party. I will get involved and maybe you will to. I need your help and you will have to work towards these ends also to achieve these goals.

What would happen if we all got involved and did everything we could as Americans to improve America? How great would it be? I think it would be unbelievable and it would transcend anything before it. But, to do this I, you, we, must all pitch in and build this grate nation in our vision. It is our time and we must not lie down on the job this time. I will leave this country better than it was when I found it. Will you join me?