This I Believe

David - Sweeny, Texas
Entered on December 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Life if Unfair In a world were beliefs and dreams run rampant in different directions, it is difficult to select a topic to write on. But, after much difficulty, I believe I‘ve found a belief to write on. I believe life is unfair. Not life itself, but the many circumstances we must face in life. Life is a blessing given to us from God, so that we may use it to shine as his lights in this dark perverse world. But with every flicker of light there comes with it a spasm of shadow. In this case, life’s unjust circumstances are the evil that come with life. I believe people dying in poor countries form starvation while people in blessed countries die, not of starvation, but of gorging and drinking to their deaths and the fact that these people do not care about the dead and dying in other countries or right outside their doorstep is unfair. I believe those blessed with a surplus of good things should give generously and happily to the needy. Especially, with Christmas, the season of giving, when there is supposed to be peace on earth and good will to men, approaching. I believe this season’s virtues should last the entire year. I believe bad things happen to good people and good things to bad. I believe my father was a very good man when he was stricken with cancer. I believe the pain he had to suffer was unfair. I believe the pain my family had to bear when he died was unfair.I believe the pain I have bared over the sixteen years of my life is unfair. I believe the heartbreak I have faced is unfair. I believe if you put all your faith in the population of this world you will be disappointed. I also believe you should be slow to fall in love.I believe life is unfair. But I believe that you should not let unfair circumstances of this life overwhelm you and pull you into inescapable darkness. I believe you should embrace your pain and sorrow and bring them to God, so he can help you and ease your pain. I believe no matter how unfair life becomes you should keep going, because you never know when you might shine a little light in someone’s dark world. This I believe…