This I Believe

Katie - Manlius, New York
Entered on December 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Imperfections

I believe an important part of life is imperfections. It is something that everyone can relate to because everyone has it in their lives whether they chose to acknowledge it or not. Life is a bunch of little mistakes, problems and matters that make the world what it is today. I personally had to learn that imperfections were not a bad thing because honestly what in the world is absolutely flawless.

When I was about ten I moved from Wisconsin to New York. It was a new place, new people that I wasn’t used to but as time went on fifth grade went into summer and then sixth grade was starting, I had met friends and was finally getting comfortable with my surroundings. Then my father lost his job and we had to move in to an apartment for eight months.

We ended up staying in New York which I thought was great, but everything in my life had changed. My friends had pulled away from me because they thought I was moving away and I had pretty much closed myself off from the world during that point. I didn’t realize everyone had pulled away from me because I was moving at the time, I thought I personally had done something wrong, So I did what I thought would get those friends back I tried to seem like the best person to them in every possible way. One thing about perfection is that it is boring there are no surprises, thrills or emotion in it. I realized that after a while, so I started showing people how I felt again, what my interests were and in the end that made me a whole lot happier.

There are many little wrong doings in my life. Things that some people may not think are important, but really do make a difference to me. Things like getting a C on a test or having a fight with a friend or a family member. The good thing about these wrong doings is that I can make them right. I can bump my next test grade up to a B and I can talk out those fights with my family and friends. Everyone of those things is a learning experience that everyone goes through myself included, and everyone grows as a person because of it.

I think that this idea of imperfections pertains to every aspect of life. In school they usually start out the year by saying lets strive for excellence, or a new political leader will say how they are going to do a bunch of things to try and make the world a more perfect place. All these ideas about getting to that point of flawlessness is practically impossible. The world is full of kids who are B students, and there will still be bad things in the world. But the fact that these things are trying to be improved upon is something to be recognized.

Imperfections sounds like something that shouldn’t be believed in, but it is really just something that makes up who we are as people. I am not old enough to of experienced life to the fullest, but what I do know is that life is full of mistakes that make the world and us as people better overall, this I believe.