This I Believe

Gauri - Boulder, Colorado
Entered on December 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

This I Believe

I believe in living a love filled life. Whether it’s long of short, male or female, young or old, every life on this earth has emotion. However, you can’t help those people who don’t realize the value of life. You can only live for yourself and your love. Who is anyone to tell you what to say or do? You come up with your own opinions, quote no ones words but your own, and never try to hide who you are. Because when you’re older and looking back on your life, you may realize there were things you could’ve done but didn’t, should’ve said but wouldn’t.

My sister’s divorce is not so easy to explain, not because of any build up of hidden emotion or anything, but just because it still confuses me. I was around nine or ten years old when she told me she had eloped, to keep him in the country, and I remember the feeling. I think I knew, from that second in time, that our family had begun to tear itself apart. That was my first lesson in lying. Not the cookie stealing lies I was used to, but the mother load of lies. She gave her life to someone who barely knew her, purely for his benefit. I loved to irony of it, and it was this situation that changed my view on life. It was hard, keeping that secret, and that’s when I decided to master the art of lying and deception, so that I could even fool those who’ve known me for years on end. Because it could come in handy, right? Of course, I choose to be truthful to most, so it works out. She moved out, and then told my mom that they had decided to get married soon. My parents were happy for her, even though he wasn’t Indian, which was good. She paved the way for my life. My parents planned her huge wedding, more than half of our savings for our life ahead was spent away in a single, meaningless day. A year after the wedding, my sister and her husband finalized their divorce. I’m not entirely sure of everything I learnt from these events, but I do know that I learnt most of what I know from this, and this is what I believe.

You pave your own path; leave your own unique mark. Don’t ever hand yourself over to just anyone. Since I’ve been there, done that. And if you happen to forget the value of life, know that your friends and family are always supportive, no matter what they say or do, and I think this is where I differ from my sister. I know that when I love someone; I keep a part of him with me no matter where life hustles me, and I know no mater where he is, he loves me forever. I wouldn’t let go of that feeling for anything.

Just Keep On Keepin’ On, And Always Remember,

Kal Ho Na Ho.