This I Believe

Robert - Canton, Ohio
Entered on December 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: parenthood

This I believe…My mom is the greatest mom in the world. The term unconditional love is the epitome of how my mom is with my sister and me. No matter the infraction, my mom just somehow responds in a way that lets us know how she feels while still loving us always.

My mom and dad divorced when I was nine years old, but my mom was determined that I would not ever have to choose between parents. We had joint birthday parties, great holidays, and I never felt that my parents didn’t love me. My mom made sure of this for me so I would have the best childhood possible…and I did. My mom never let me play the divorce kid card…no, she made sure that whatever happened at one house was the same in the other house. My mom and dad even went as far as to chip in and buy my big gift together so neither one was made out to be better than the other. I maybe didn’t think it was the greatest thing then, but now at the age of 23, I truly appreciate the lesson.

My mom eventually remarried when I was twelve and it was a family decision. She made sure that we could all live together harmoniously before she would get married. I was always her first priority. My mom and stepfather moved to a different school district and purchased a house. I was so lucky that my mom would continue to drive me every morning to the school I had always attended, so I could go on to graduate from there. She worked over 1 ½ hours in the opposite direction…but she wanted what was best for me.

My senior year of high school my mom became pregnant with my little sister. We are 18 years apart in age, but extremely close. My mom had to go on 4 months of bed rest to have my sister, but she still managed to get everything done for my graduation and make sure I made it to school. The day my mom had my sister…well, she almost died. None of us knew how close she came at the time, but while my stepfather had been instructed to stay with my sister, I knew I had to be there for my mom….and I was.

I now work full-time and I am in college and my mom is still my biggest cheerleader and fan. The difference now is that I am her biggest fan as well. She still takes time to make sure we are all okay and lets us all know we are loved.