This I Believe

Candace - Bowling Green, Kentucky
Entered on December 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: parenthood

Candace Butts


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Love and Discipline of Children

Being a loving and consistent parent makes all the difference on how your child grows up. My mother on the other hand let me get by with everything. I see now that if my parent’s had guided me in the right direction I would have became a better adult. Discipline and being consistent with your child are the keys of having successful children. There is a quote that reminds me to discipline my children and that is, do not spare the rod. Being a parent is not all about discipline, it is also about showing them love. You have to teach your child to have morals and love others. You can never be the perfect parent. You will always want to be open to suggestions when it comes to parenting.

I can remember as a child growing up, my mother would let me get by with everything. I then became a teenager and I would ask my dad if I could have a boyfriend and he said ‘no’. Of course I would run to my mother knowing, she would say ‘yes’. So I ended up having that boyfriend that my dad said I could not have. My mom was sneaking behind my dad’s back and taking me to see my boyfriend, that is now my husband. I just know that my life would have been different. I could have finished school and had children later with my husband.

I consult with my husband before I make any decisions about our children.

They are punished for the wrong that they do. I am consistent with my children by telling them no is no and I stick with it. Yes, they will worry you to death but stay consistent, they will give up and stop. Discipline is not all that you have to do, you have to show your children that you love them and you are proud of what they have done. When your child has done something good, praise them for it. Tell them what a good job that they have done. You will see that your child will make a lot of accomplishments. They will want to do good if they know that it is going to pay off for them.

I know that if my parent’s would have worked together, they would have had a better child. My mother should have consulted with my dad when she was making a decision about me. Discipline and being consistent your child will make a big difference on how your child will respond as being an adult. Always be interested in what your child has to say. This I believe with all my heart that if you discipline your child and show them that you love them you will reap a great seed. Practice what you preach, show your children that you have consequences if you do something wrong.