Parental Love

Kala - Collinwood, Tennessee
Entered on December 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in many things. I am a passionate person. I do believe in love and faith and hope. I do believe that karma catches up to everyone sooner or later. I do believe in southern pride, politics, and loyalty. There are two very important reasons why I believe in all of these things. Two reason that have instilled the passion I have for life in me. There are two reasons why I am headstrong yet softhearted: my momma and daddy.

My parents have always believed in me. They sometimes do not agree with my decisions, but they know that I will always do what I trust in. Besides, they made me this way. They have taught me right from wrong. They have taught me to be nice to others, but to never let anyone take advantage of me.

They push me to succeed and catch me when I fall. When I reflect on all of my accomplishments in life, I can see my momma and daddy smiling at me. Whether it was my first day of kindergarten or my first day of college, they have been right beside me every step of the way with their eyes full of tears and hearts full of love.

They never missed one moment of my life. They made it to every school play and function. When I was Lady in my 2nd grade performance of “Lady and the Tramp” they were in the audience beaming with pride as if I had just given an Oscar worthy performance. They never missed one basketball game in six years. All of the long practices and bone breaking injuries, they suffered through the blood, sweat, and tears right along with me.

They have played many roles in my life. From personal chefs to private chauffeurs, I never went without. They put themselves last and did without to make me happy. They have lost countless hours of sleep during my teenage years, grown their fair share of gray hairs, and discovered new age wrinkles everyday of my adolescent life. But they never complained.

My mother…my cheerleader. My father…my coach. Their voices lead me through every day and night. Every decision I make, I hear their soft and confidant voices.

I have disappointed them, and I will fail them again.

I have pleased them, and I will make them proud again.

No matter what I do or the choices I make my parents will love me. My parents will always believe in me. And in return, I believe in them. I believe in their warmth and guidance and love. I believe that family means more than anything, and family will always be strong for each other. I believe in momma and daddy.