This I Believe

ceirra - Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Entered on December 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

You don’t expect to grow up and hate your mother. From the moment I entered my pre-teen age of 12 it happened I hated my mother. That couldn’t happen to me i thought, but I was wrong. I was brought up in a church going home who put Christ first in everything. But throughout my years of growing up alot of things changed.

Sure i thought that it was just mother and daughter disagrements, but it was more than after I found myself sitting in a ceil at a junvenile detention center a hour and a half away from home. I was in shocked that I had let myself get into trouble like this for attemped murder at the second degree. I spent a week there , and I belive that it was the longst week ever in my life.

It all began when she would hit me from back talking her which I knew she hated. I remember after being raped she told her friend one night on the phone that she believed I was lying about it , and that next day she was going to drop the charges against the man.I became very ruthless afterwards. I began to try and posion her with alot of household items, but I failed and got very angry with myself. And that’s how I landed myself in McCraken Juvenile Detention Center.

After going to counseling with my mom for two years, and also being on probahation for five years .I became a better young lady with two wonderful kids , I’m in college, and work full time. So my message to you is that anything is POSSIBLE when you put GOD fisrt!!!