This I Believe

Larry - Syracuse, New York
Entered on December 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Having Patience

I believe that by having patience, you are able to solve any problem you have. All you need to do is stop, take a step back and then start thinking on what to do next. Even though having patience can be difficult at certain times, it can prove quite useful. At times when you are troubled you would usually think it over. Put some thought into it and then act upon a plan you have thought up of.

Rushing forward into things will usually end in a negative result. Rushing without a plan or simply rushing because of anger will only makes things worse for you.

A great example is when you’re in war. Rushing forward will only waste valuable lives and will only cause sadness and sorrow. The most effect by this would be on your family. You have a family back home who are worried about you.

That is why the families have to have the patience to wait for their child to come back or not. You need the patience to stay calm and accept whatever the outcome is.

Another good example could be any kind of sport game. When your team is losing, it is up to the coach find an opportunity and make a plan to turn the tide. Take a timeout, go to your group, and tell them to calm down and relax. Say that we still have hope to win and then make a plan to do this.

This is what the coach needs to do, have patience and trust in his team. I play in the CYO basketball league and I’m in the IC team. Personally, I think my coach doesn’t have enough trust in everyone but at least he thinks positive and can stay calm at any situation. Even if we have little hope in winning, he still has enough patience to tell us we still have a chance. I have some respect for him and that is why I am still on his team.

When in times of doubt, for example school grades, everyone should think a positive side, settle down and set a goal for themselves. When I found out I had a C in math during my mid-marking period, I made myself set a goal. No matter what happens, I will get this C to a B or an A. I stayed after with the teacher when ever she was there and if she wasn’t, I would wait and come the next day. Then came my report card and I found myself with a B+ in Math.

I pat myself on the back and was glad that was over with. Also my family was happy I didn’t get a C, especially my parents. My parents knew I could do it and they had the patience to wait or tell me to do my homework or stay after. I am really glad I have such great parents that always support me.

Earth isn’t perfect and not all people are perfect either. Some will break down and can not rise again without help. That is why you should help those in need and have a little patience; for someone around the corner can too help you when you are about to break down.