Language Constructs my Moral Code

Jessica - Pennellville, New York
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

In my life I have changed the person I am several times. I have reshaped some of my values and some of my habits have been altered. Yet, there are a few things that have remained consistent and true: I read poetry. I have had a passion for reading and creating poetry since I was a kid. I have read all the greats and a lot of the lesser known, from William Shakespeare to Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes to Daisy Fried. Through all of their words I have learned one thing: I believe in poetry.

Language constructs my moral code. The world that poetry creates teaches me to be who I am: It instructs me on how to construct myself. I believe I should love boldly, be honest to a fault, question passionately, and live courageously. These are attributes I learn through the poems I have read.

Poets create a world that is not beyond our own, it is our own. Poetry is the mirror of life and in that mirror I have seen who I am and learned that this mirror helps me accomplish life changing tasks; I learn to love myself, change what I don’t love, and I learn to be happy anyways if either of the first two lessons fail me at the moment.

Poetry is about people and it’s about life. From the grandest epics to the smallest haiku the world has light shed upon it through the life work of poets. Life is the little moments, the small beauties that make our everyday routines extraordinary and life is the grand gestures. Poetry glorifies the extraordinary and yet makes the routine glorious. This is the beauty of poetry.

Poetry has taught me that every life force and event has a purpose, a beauty completely and utterly unto itself. But even through this unique independence and importance poetry shows us the connections that every living being possesses.

I believe in poetry. It is the world captured in word that ensnares me, fascinates me and guides me through my life. Poetry has given me confidence in the words that resonate in my heart and has allowed me to find strength in their expression. Through reading poetry I have learned to write it, and that is a gift I do not have enough time to thank the world for. Every poet I have read has touched me, taught me, and molded me into a person who tries her best to be herself. To love that self, to honor it and realize my place and my actions are beautiful and have a place in the world beyond myself. I do not simply read poetry; I immerse myself in the world that poetry reveals and shapes, a world that is our own, a world worth looking into to. Poetry has shaped my life, I believe in it because it itself has faith in me and the world I am helping to create.