Commercialized Christmas

Brandie - Smiths Grove, Kentucky
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Its Christmas time and all the pretty lights are out on the roofs of the houses, and all the presents are wrapped and topped with frilly bows and ribbon. I believe that Christmas has become too commercialized. Since I was a small child my family celebrated Christmas because it was the day Jesus Christ was born, and we got visit with loved ones. Now that I am a parent myself I try to teach my son that Christmas isn’t just about getting the most extravagant gift. But that Christmas is a very special day in which Jesus was born and that all our family can be together.

We aren’t even through with Halloween before the stores fill the shelves with Christmas decorations and toys. Every time I turn on the television around Christmas time all I see are the super savings and sales. The day after Thanksgiving, known as black Friday, starts the crazy sales, and people lining up outside of stores at midnight. Just so they can be the first in line to get their child the greatest gift. People will actually fight one another over a toy! They push and try to steal others gifts. This isn’t what Christmas is supposed to be about.

Christmas is not seeing who can out do the rest of the neighborhood by putting up the biggest light show ever. If you drive down my street at night you will see lights twinkling from a mile away. Because, everyone tries to top the neighbor’s lights and if one gets an inflatable snowman everyone on the street has an inflatable snowman by the end of the week. Christmas seems to have become this silent competition between everyone to make sure that their house is the brightest, and their children have the best gift under the tree.

My grandmother use to tell me that it is the thought that counts. Now people compare what they get for Christmas to others, and really isn’t it the thought that counts and not how much the gift cost? Or have we become so self centered and boastful that we need to receive the best of the best? It is much better to give than to receive, so every year for Christmas I get an Angel off the Angel tree and my son and I buy for the less fortunate. It gives me so much more satisfaction to give to another than to receive something I might never use.

Christmas shouldn’t be a commercialized holiday but a time of joy and cheer. Not dreading getting out and shopping, hanging lights, or hating having to put up a tree. It is a time to cherish your family and friends to get together for a nice meal and remember that we should be grateful for what we have. We should celebrate and not fall into the commercialized Christmas that the department stores want for us. Christmas is not about who has the best gift or competing with others.