Just Let Me Be A Kid

kenneth - fairfield, California
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Acting like a kid or being immature sometimes is not bad at all even if you are a senior citizen; but putting gum in the person who sits in front of you in math class is not the nicest thing to do. That’s what being a goofy kid is all about. Well maybe that would be going a little bit over board but the thought of doing it to someone is hilarious. When I have my first kid I know for a fact I’m going to be more of a friend than I am a parent. Life is not all about being a stuck up and obnoxious businessman like a Donald Trump, firing people and going bankrupt. That causes a lot of stress, which is neither good nor healthy for the mind and body. Having a stress free life is good for the soul and living a very long time. That’s why I don’t plan to die till I’m like 178 years old.

Sitting in front of a big screen television on Saturday mornings watching an old episode of Tom and Jerry wit a big bowl of fruit loops will be in my everyday weekend agenda for the rest of my life. Whenever we would have a substitute teacher back when I was in junior high and high school, I would be the first one to make fun of the way they looked of dressed. I don’t know how to explain how I got sent out of class for two weeks straight. Than I can remember the time when I spent around a total of 2800 hours in in-house in my high school days. May be it was because of my personality and the way I react to tings but I could never figure it out.

I believe that acting like a kid isn’t all about playing around and acting goofy and out of control, but it’s about developing as a person. Learning new things is what we do in our everyday life no matter how old we are. That’s why I kind of look at myself as a big kid not because I like to mess around and crack jokes occasionally but because I’m endlessly growing as a person just like a kid does. I don’t want my acting like a kid to go too far to where that I get immune to it, but I want to make everyday experience into a good and happy one no matter the situation. I try to bring joy upon everything I do and everyone I come to meet. Even when I become a tired, wrinkly old man I know I will never become grumpy.

Even when I’m in the retirement home, I will still have flashbacks on my old high school days and that big kid will come out. I smile and think about that all the time, and cant wait till that time come. I enjoy seeing people smile especially when I make them smile. It tells me that I made that person’s day better and may be even their life.