This I Believe

joshua - Bowling Green, Kentucky
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: legacy

I Belive…

I belive that the way of the cowboy is not going to be around much longer. On the other hand, there are a few people that will keep it alive. No one breaks horses any more. People just want them as pets. No one uses them like they used to. Checking fence rows and counting heads of cattle are not beening done on horse back.

Rodeo is no longer a cowboy sport. In the old days, it was a bunch of cowboys showing off their talents. They would spend all day working and then blow off some steam and just having fun. Its all about the money now. How much they can win, and how fast they can do it.

I belive that people judge you on how you dress. I wear ariat boots and worn out wrangler jeans. I hate it that people automaticaly think that you are a “Redneck”. Larry the Cable Guy has every one thinking that just because you wear boots and jeans that you’re a redneck. I wear what I wear because that’s what I want to wear. Its comfortable, and when I ride my horses, my pants do not sag down and my boots stay in the sturips.

I belive that if I wear my belt buckle, it is because I enjoy wearing it. I am not trying to get attention. Same thing with my cowboy hat. I belive that people now and days dress like that to make people think that they are something important. Well, nobody really cares. The cowboy apperial is now a fashion statement.

I belive that the way of the cowboy will not die. As long as there is atleast one true cowboy still alive, then it will not fade away. I belive that people should relize that west was founded by people who rode horses and hearded cattle. Its not just in the movies’. All of that really happened. People should not judge and put down these people who are trying to keep the traditions of the american cowboy.