I believe live strong, strong live.

Tzeyi - La Mesa, California
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

In one of Nike commercials, Lance Armstrong rides his bike across nation. From coast to desert, country to city, Armstrong rides his bike firm and strong as if he never had a cancer. Eventually, more people join his journey and become a big force. In the end, even a child has joined the lineup and be able to catch up with Armstrong himself. In real life, it is not always happy endings like Armstrong. My father, MingLi Lan, passed away at September 7, 2006. He was diagnosed the third stage lung cancer in 2002 and had been fighting with cancer ever since. I believe a healthy human body is the most precious property to a person; there is no life if you do not have a good and healthy body to enjoy. However, it takes a strong mind to maintain health because it combines great amount of disciplines, determination and dedication.

My father’s death is the most shocking moment in my life and it is also a main component which constructs my belief. My father did not smoke and only drank in a few occasions. He is one of those guys who has stable job, no finical pressure and no bad habits. In 2002, my father went to do his regular annual physical examination. Later on, doctor told him that he had been diagnosed third stage lung cancer. At first, he could not believe this is happening to him. However, he soon claimed his calm and decided to have a major surgery which will remove half of his lung. Fortunately, my father had a very successful surgery; he then quitted his job and spent next 12 months to do the rehab. I had witnessed that in the beginning, he could not even finish 30 stairs, but after 8 months practices, he could finish over 300 stairs in ninety minutes. At one time, he had no cancer cell inside his body and even doctor was surprised with the result. My father had a strong mind and great self-disciplines to carry him through his fighting-against-cancer journey. He was a living example to demonstrate that health is the most important thing in our life and we all need to flight for it to earn our health. Unfortunately his condition became worst after 2005. He never stop fighting with cancer even thought the doctor had told him many times that he only had 3 months to live. My father ends up extent his life for 2 more years. Because of his story, I realized that if I do not have health, I am nothing.