This I Believe

Casey - USA
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in not putting something down before you really try it.

“You’re going to play the violin” that’s what I was told in the fourth grade. I thought this is going to be great, now I have to pretend to like this just because my sister does. In elementary school I was one of those kids who really hated school I mean more than most kids. Sometimes I flat refused to go because I hated it so much. In the fourth grade I had decided that school just wasn’t for me and to mix it up even more I was going to have to play a stupid string instrument. Could life get any worse?

I made it through the fourth grade and at the start of the fifth I decided to sign up for orchestra again just to see what would happen. This continued through middle school where something changed. I began to like going to school and even more I loved playing my violin. By the time I was in high school if I went more than a day or two without playing my violin I was a complete wreck. For me music was something that helped me get through some very hard times. If I was stressing out about something or if I just needed a break from my crazy schedule I knew that I could lock myself in a practice room with my violin and a few hours later come out relaxed and stress free. Now that I have the pleasure of taking harder classes and a heavier workload, I love being able to go to a practice room by myself and take my stress, frustration, and any other emotions I have bottled up out on Brahms or Tchaikovsky. I don’t know why I ever thought playing the violin was stupid.

Music has helped me realize that I was going to get nowhere if I didn’t at least pretend to like school. I think that if I hadn’t been told that I was going to play the violin then I would probably still be a little girl in the fourth grade telling everyone how school just wasn’t for me.

All I am saying is that you shouldn’t put something down until you have really tried it because you don’t know how much it might actually help you.