Diversity in the Media

King - sait petersburg, Florida
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

How hard it is being a Black? As if the world were against you to succeed one must strive and cohere in their lively situation. Media today isn’t anything a melting pot of hues and shades of beautiful colors. Affirmative Action can only go so far, being a minority in corporate America has its stereotypical limitations. Television sets nationwide Is so storybook typical its getting to the point where everything that’s broadcasted is counterfeit. The black to white ratio in today’s mass media verbally is slim to none.

Diverse is a public school in a middle class neighborhood, not the race of the anchors at the desk of news stations worldwide. Maybe as an intern, possibly as a technician behind the scenes, or luckily a reporter are the jobs of today’s minorities looking to work in the media. Shows like the Cosby Show and Family Matters from the late 80’s have gave birth to sit-coms portraying the African American family. The media today doesn’t broadcast Africans Americans unless their telling jokes, killing people, playing a sport, or committing a crime.

The media can be either enemies or allies of diversity. In this day and age it’s an enemy. Many Americans are influenced by the stereotypes in today’s mass media, it seems that racism is still alive and in full effect. It’s unlikely for a black man with credentials identical to a white man to get hired for the same job in mass media. Lead anchors of a news cast rarely consist of a black or minority person. Minorities mainly are the field reporters who only get air time every so often.

The most diverse television channel on television is MTV. In a world ran by technology, the future lies in the hands of the youth of today. Minority children mainly dream of being athletes not a news anchor due to the media’s influence on his or her life. The media has the power of corrupting the mind and negatively influencing a person’s thought process. If one was to watch an hour of nightly news the chances of a black person reporting government news to audiences worldwide are unlikely and rare. People listen to who they can trust. Black women have a slightly higher chance of being seen in the media. Today sex is said to sell. Women have the power and sex appeal to draw in a person’s attention.

Breaking down barriers is what a minority must learn to do in order to be successful in America. The most successful black people in the world are businessman and businesswomen. The most disrespected black people in the world work in the media. The media is a market that minorities must corner and try to conquer becoming the most influential aspect of life.