This I Believe

william - saint helen, Michigan
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe life can be what you make of it. You can live a happy and healthy life, or you can have a miserable life being stressful and unenjoyable. Having a tight-knit family can have an effect on producing a divine life experience. I believe if you show your family love you will be loved back. Arguing and bickering family members about irrelevant and past arguments are ways families break apart. Life is too short to drag these situations out.

My friend, Jim, hasn’t talked to his brothers or his father in eight years. They cut their family ties because of money they received when their mother passed away. The family couldn’t agree on a way to distribute the funds. Jim has lived a rough life, and he isn’t very happy in his life right now. If he had a good relationship with his family, he could have called or talked to his family about problems he was having. He never had anyone to talk to, so he bottled up all his problems and paid for this by getting trouble with the law.

Arguing families forget about the good times in life, like growing up. I believe when you stop relationships with loved ones, you only think about the present situation. You have to remember the times in your life when it was simple. Playing hide-and-seek with your brothers or sisters are precious times in our lives. The best times to reflect on when families are in peril are the fun and remember able times you had when you were a kid.

If you are having trouble with family problems, try to resolve your issues. Use happy and past experiences to discuss with your troubled loved one, and I believe you can work on getting along. I believe this will bring a brighter future for you and your family.