This I Believe

Andrew - Alto, Michigan
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I Believe Essay

I believe in the power of music. Music is something that every person can relate to, no matter what age, gender, or cultural background. I find it funny that as I write this paper, I am listening to one of my favorite bands, Mae. The message that they give through their music is inspiring and uplifting. But that’s just one example of the power of music.

Music also has the power to change people’s lives. Some of the greatest jazz musicians started their lives in completely different directions than music. Ray Charles was born poor and went blind in his early childhood. But he overheard an elderly man playing jazz piano one day and his life unfolded before his eyes. Without the influence of music, his life would have turned out completely different and we wouldn’t have the pleasure of listening to him play.

I love the way country music can lift up a person when they’re down. We all know how influential country music was on the American people after September 11th, but country can also send a humorous message. For example, Brad Paisley wrote a song titled “Online”, in which he makes fun of himself for being a Myspace geek. The song isn’t all that inspiring, but I know I can’t help but laugh when I hear it.

One last genre of music that is truly powerful is Classical. Classical music has been around for centuries, evidence of its continuing popularity. Unlike the music listened to by our generation (Pop, Rap), Classical music has a deeper message. It gets you focused quickly, like before a test, and it motivates you to do your best. If our generation stopped listening to music like Fall Out Boy, we might be taken more seriously.

Music is something that everybody can share and identify to. It doesn’t matter if you listen to something that was recently created or has been around for centuries. There is something about music that inspires us to strive for our best. Music is powerful, unique, and special to each individual, and it should never be silenced.