This I Believe

Heidi - Otsego, Michigan
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

I believe that finding out a secret could change your life forever. For instance someone could have their life ruined by finding out about something that they were to eager to find out about. Some of the things that you could not want to here, are that your love one cheating on you. You would not want to find out about that because you might not want to believe it because you would not think that they would do that but you also do not want to know because they could be left without a loved one. To find out if you are pregnant or not could be an example because, that will change your life forever. Mostly it will change your life forever if you were not planning on having a child. Even if you are ready to have a child your life is still changing but you were expecting it to change. Finding out that you have Aids will also change your life forever. If you find out

that you have Aids you have to tell your partner and any other partners that you might have in the future. If you do not tell them that you have Aids than you could get into trouble. Having to tell them that you have Aids might change things between you two. Another example is cancer. When you find out that you have cancer it will change your life forever because you will have to go through with a lot of treatments to get rid of it. Sometimes that will not work and you could end up dying.