A Quest for Knowledge

Danielle - Walbridge, Ohio
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

One summer afternoon, I sat down on the futon in my dorm room to finish some homework. I had done some of the work earlier but I wanted to make sure that I understood what I did. So blocking out the noise from the dorm hallway and outside traffic, I sat down with the book spread out in my lap. After a few minutes of staring at the problem, I still did not understand how to solve the problem. I was becoming very frustrated that I did not understand but at the same time I wanted to know how to do the problem. I did not want to give up. I was remembering the quote from Star Wars that my band director in high school used: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Finally, after rereading the text several times it was slowly coming to me. I figured out one of the answers and eventually I understood more than what I had before. I still did not know exactly what to do but I had figured it out enough to understand what I was trying to do. Even after figuring some of the problems out, I still desired to learn more and understand more.

Every person desires to understand a certain topic. The topics vary from academic subjects, like math, science or history, understanding certain everyday events like weather or space, or simple entertainment like sports or movies. Every person has a thirst for knowledge, just sometimes the results are more complicated than others.

There are some people who would disagree with me, saying that they do not desire knowledge. If that was the case, they would go through life not being able to comprehend every day events. They would not read newspapers, or watch television because they would have no interest in who won the game on Saturday or what happened today around the world. By watching and reading the media, they are finding the knowledge that they desire: knowing who won the big game or what happened on the streets of America. This quest for knowledge does not always have to be scientific or essential to life, but a desire for knowledge is simply humans.

I believe that being human is having this desire to understand or knowing information. Whether the knowledge is used to find a cure for cancer or is for entertainment. Only humans search to understand or know facts. You do not see other animals reading newspapers or watching television. It is often said that you learn something new every day whether it is through life experiences or learning and searching for information. To be human you always want to know more. You do not settle on knowing one thing, you always ask why.