This I Believe

Kelli - Logan, Utah
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Resurrect the 1950’s

I believe I was born in the wrong era. Born in 1987 (by no choice of mine of course) I came screaming into a cold world of neon colors and big hair. Alas, too young to enjoy any of that, I am a product of the 90’s–technology on the rise, the downfall of any music worth listening to, and a style known as “preppy”. Growing up I was bombarded with images of successful educated women that overcame societal odds becoming CEO’s and scientists. I suppose women have came a long way but I can’t help daydream about what it may have been like. In a simpler time…

A Good Wife Always Knows Her Place–Housekeeping Monthly 1955, The Good Wives Guide

First of all, being a woman myself I see no reason to apologize for my beliefs that a man would be stoned today for believing–or at least vocalizing. Also, to make things more clear, my belief, although influenced by, is not a religious belief even though in my faith, mothers are encouraged to be in the home but equally encouraged is an education. Now, to get to the point. There is no easy way of putting this. I believe… I believe… a woman’s place is in the home! She should stay at home cleaning and taking care of the kids, have dinner on the table when her husband gets home from work, fetch his slippers, and his newspaper all while wearing a polka dot skirt with an apron, high heels, a pearl necklace, lipstick, and Frank Sinatra playing quietly in the background!

There. I’ve said it. That is my belief. That’s all I really want in life. This whole striving for equality among the sexes is getting us nowhere. Men are discriminated against and a woman that does succeed in a typically man’s field is often referred to as being cold or even bitchy. Men don’t dare hold the door open for a woman anymore for fear of being scolded for thinking she can’t do it herself. Heaven forbid he be a gentleman.

I’ve only been married for a year and a half now. I think I’ve only opened the passenger car door myself twice since meeting my husband, and I was quickly reprimanded. Unfortunately, in order to someday live the life I dream, I have to work full time to support my husband through school–and myself. No kids to raise yet either. However, I do own a pearl necklace. And some Frank Sinatra.