Picking Favorites

Jonathan - logan, Utah
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, setbacks

“No! For the last time I am not going to get it for you.” Once again my request for an Xbox 360 is denied. I know that it sounds a little bit harsh, but I know she does it so I can buy my own things and appreciate what a dollar is worth, and that is my theory on why my mom refuses to buy me anything. Yeah, I know. Not everyone so lucky as to have a mom like that, but I can’t help it. I am her favorite.

Ever since I found out what a “favorite” was. I knew that I had to be my mom’s favorite. Unlike me, my sisters were given whatever they wanted growing up. What a bunch of suckers. I on the other hand, had to earn everything I had. Yeah, what can I say, I was blessed. In a family of six with four children, I was the youngest and only boy. I couldn’t help but fit in. It’s only natural right? Growing up, my mom was always spending time with my sisters. She knew that I needed alone time. I am so glad that she nurture me like my sisters. I like to think that it helped me grow. That was just the start of it. Every year, around the time of my birthday, I would ask for specific gifts that I wanted. The hints I gave were in no way subtle. I would quite adamantly demand them in fact. However, the day of my birthday would come, and instead of giving me what I asked for and spoiling the surprise, she would get me something that I didn’t even know I wanted or needed. Let’s be honest, I didn’t really want those things I asked for. They were just things that I wanted at the time… I guess.

For anyone reading this, this excerpt might not be so relatable. However this article is not meant for you. This is meant for those of us who are the apples of our parents’ eyes, the last pick of the crop. Honestly, who wants to be first when you can have all the perks of being last? Those of us who one might call chopped liver, are the ones with the most character. Yeah, those of you who are scratching your heads are just in shock. It’ll pass over, I promise. After all, it’s not every day you find out that you’re not the favorite. I know. I had to go through it too, I thought I wasn’t the favorite until one day I was enlightened by a conversation with my mom.

Being away for college, I rarely call home. On one particular day I call home to see how things are going and see if I could be coming home for the weekend. Living all the way in West Jordan, it is quite an ordeal anytime I want to go home. I mean, it is over an hour drive to Logan. So, I call home and my mom and I are having a pretty good conversation, she tells me about home, and I tell her about school. Everything is going pretty smoothly, and then I casually slip in, “So… when were you planning on picking me up?” At this point she responds, “Why do you need to come down this weekend? Are any of you roommates going home?” “Yeah, but I thought you could pick me so I could see you,” I say. “Well, I can’t just keep picking you up and driving you back and forth every weekend,” she answers back. “Okay, how about just this weekend? (it was only Thanksgiving, no big deal really)” “I guess I have to,” she says back. At that point, I knew that I had to be her favorite. Whose mom would consider letting them spend Thanksgiving with strangers? Mine would. Jealous much?

If the sarcasm in the previous paragraphs was not apparent, I will bluntly state it now. I think that my parents did not have a favorite child, and if they did, it most definitely was not me. This brings me to my point. Favoritism has never been something that favored me. As a result, I am very much impartial to it. Favoritism is a cruel practice that one should never have to encounter. It is not only unfair to those who are left out of the loop, but also the ones playing favorites. If you are too caught with one thing (or child) you’ll never get to see what else is out there, or what else could have been. Picking a favorite is never necessary. If you are unbiased in your decisions, and you can treat everything with equal preference you might get a chance to see something very special.