This I Believe: Christmas Joy

Keaton - Richmond, Kentucky
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

My mother has loved my brother and me more than you could imagine since the days we were born, some would even say too much. Her loving us though did not make it any easier for all of us to get along in the household however. My brother was kicked out of the house his senior year because him and mom just couldn’t take it anymore, being at each other’s throats all the time. Low and behold 2 weeks after I graduated, it became too much for us too, I was out of the house and in with my dad. Everything is better with all of us now, my brother Eric comes over on holidays and random occasions to see everyone, and I come home from college regularly and we seem to make it work, not without argument still though.

One time of year however, there is never an argument my mother and i can get into that we won’t get over immediately, and that’s Christmas time. Like any other kid I’ve loved Christmas, I’ve been spoiled my whole life and Christmas was an excuse to get extra spoiled, heaven on Earth. When I look back at my Christmas’ from when I was young though, it isn’t the complete set of Power Ranger action figures I got, or the Fisher Price basketball goal I treasure the most, it’s the entire season when my mom and I could just get along.

On several occasions my mom and I couldn’t even ride in a car together without arguing, but every time we were in the car together during Christmas, she would put on some Jingle Bell Rock, or Grandma Got Run By a Reindeer and we were fine. Driving down the road belting out line after line of Christmas songs without any sense of tune or rhythm with my mom smiling made my day, and I believe it made everyone driving around us, watching us sing and have a good time happier also. It isn’t just singing I love, the day after Thanksgiving when we get to decorate, my mom and I would make the inside of the house look beautiful with lights, shiny things, stars, reindeer, trees and everything thing else Christmas you could ever think of, once again it’s not how beautiful everything looked that I remember the most but the quality, happy time I was able to spend with my mom. Even now as we approach Christmas time, I’m excited to go home; see my friends, hangout with my family and eat ravenously, but deep down mostly I just want go hangout with my mom, wake up early and sit on the couch and gaze at our Christmas tree and share the Christmas Joy with the lady who loves me the most in the world, my mommy.?