This I Believe

Jessica - Logan, Utah
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

This I Believe

The Lowdown on Wearing Sweats

I believe that taking a day off from everyday normal clothes and indulging in the comfort of wearing sweats every once in a while is a good and necessary thing in life.

I’m the kind of girl who enjoys being comfortable. However, most of the time, I find it important to get dressed and completely ready for the day. There are some days however, where I just wake up feeling like I’d rather be comfortable then squeezing into stiff tight fitting jeans and a cutsie little shirt. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I feel uncomfortable in my usual daily attire; it’s just that sometimes I have reasons to want to feel the comfort of wearing sweats.

Whether it is because I’m sick, stayed out way late the night before, didn’t get enough sleep, or just because I’m having a bad day and feel like, I usually have a pretty good reason for wearing sweats. However, I personally don’t feel that people should have to have a good reason for wearing sweats. I believe they should wear whatever they want.

A few months ago I was informed by my then current boyfriend that not every body feels the same way as I do about sweats. One day out of the blue he called me up and told me how his roommate had seen me at the grocery store that day and said that I was wearing sweats. Kind of taken aback by the comment I quickly defended myself and told him I was wearing them only because I had just gotten back from the gym. Then he brought up how I wear them every once in a while to my classes and throughout the day, not just to the gym. I was completely shocked by this comment. I asked him what was wrong with wearing sweats and feeling comfortable every once in a while was? He replied by telling me that how a girl dresses is a reflection of the girls self-image. He said that girls who wear sweats everyday have basically given up on life and are sending a message to everyone around them that they don’t care about themselves. I responded by asking him if he really believes I have given up on life because it’s not like I wear sweats every day of my life and even the days that I do I still try and look nice and presentable, not like I had just rolled out of bed which by the sound of it seemed to be what he was referring to. He replied to me by saying something like no you haven’t given up on life; it just is disrespectful to guys when girls wear sweats. It’s like they aren’t trying to impress them and could care less about what they think.

Up to this point I was trying to be polite and understandable but I finally was pushed over the edge. I told him that he was being so shallow, and that you shouldn’t judge a person on what they wear but on their personality. I told him straight up that I wasn’t trying to impress anyone by what I wear, I wear what I wear for my own purposes to help benefit myself. I told him that if someone wants to judge me because I wear sweatpants and a t-shirt one day, I don’t want to know them anyways. I continued on for a little while defending my case and trying to explain how hard it is to be a girl sometimes and how much it sucks going through the long process of getting ready every morning and how little things like wearing sweatpants every once in a while can help girls feel so much better. After a little while of going back and forth I finally realized my efforts in converting him to my side were going no where. I simply said to him that our conversation was going no where and that he’s entitled to his opinion but that’s not going to change who I am or what I wear. He replied by telling me not to take what he was saying in the wrong way and that I look good in sweat pants but a lot better when I wear jeans.

After this conversation I went around and asked other guys for there opinion on girls and sweatpants. Every single guy I asked thought it was perfectly fine for a girl to wear sweatpants every once in a while. In fact, I had a few guys tell me they prefer it when girls wear sweatpants. They said they like it when a girl can just pull back her hair, not wear a lot of makeup and feel comfortable yet still be confidents in what she is wearing. I agree.