Conquering Adversity

wes - Camarillo, California
Entered on December 6, 2007
Age Group: 65+
Themes: family, setbacks

Being able to understand what I believe in, tragedy must hit you like a ton of bricks. Since I can remember my father live with an illness that kept him hospitalized for months at a time. Despite his sickness he was always able to put food on the table and even help coach me in my youth sports. Life to me at the time felt like it would never change, but at the age of 15 my father took his last breath in this world leaving his wife and kids to learn a lesson in life no one could prepare us for.

Until my fathers passing my mind was narrow and mainly focused on myself. The selfish person I was did not have the greatest relationship with my brothers and as a teenager moms seem to do nothing but nag. None of us had the same interest and never really appreciated each other. We were the equivalent of garlic to a vampire. But after that day the four of us Harla, Bryce, Brent, and myself created a bond between us stronger than any element on the planet.

The devotion my mom gave to her family could not be rivaled by anyone. Taking on a full time job while taking night classes in school so she could actually buy a house for her family instead of living in an apartment we were forced to move into. My brothers and I banded together helping out around the house becoming more self reliant in order for my mom to go to school. Through a lot will power and perseverance my mother was able to graduate with her Bachelors in Nursing. Through our adversity we were able to stand up to the challenge and realize no matter what family will always be there for you this is what I believe.