I Control My Own Happiness

Whitney - Hyde Park, Utah
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Many people have a life that is much harder than mine. Some people are in debt, some are going through a nasty divorce and some are suffering major depression. Me, I am just trying to get through college.

Throughout my life I have come in contact with many different people that are going through rough times. Some of these people look at their experience as a learning one, and these are the people I look up to.

My grandma is a perfect example of this. She has gone through some difficult times and she has always had an upbeat attitude about life. One spring as my grandparents were getting ready to go serve a mission for their church, my grandma hurt her shoulder. She thought things would be fine and kept planning on leaving at the beginning of July. Unfortunately, things did not get better, it got worse. She had to go get it checked out by a physician and found out that she would need to get surgery on her shoulder. Of course my grandparents were a little frustrated, but every time I saw them, they always had smiles on their faces. They knew that they could not change what was happening, so they had a good attitude about things.

When I think of this example from my grandparents, I think of my own life and the way I can look at situations. When events in my life are not the way I planned or situations come up, I have to think to myself, ‘is this something to be mad about?’ Being angry is not going to change the situation.

Now I am not saying that I never get mad, and am always happy about everything that is happening in my life. Sometimes you just need to be mad at something or someone. But after awhile, being mad at that person or thing will not change anything. There are two choices in life, to be mad, or to be happy, and I believe that our happiness is in the hands of ourselves.