Music Can Better Any Situation

Justin - West Monroe, New York
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I have always found music to be one of the most creative and expressive forms of art. A story can be told through different rhythms and note sequences. Music can be a powerful way for a person to release their bottled emotions. It can help express inexpressible feelings.

My parents bought me my first guitar when I was eleven years old. As soon as I learned to play, I began writing my own songs. None of them were very good, of course, but they were mine. Being so young, I didn’t have many life-changing experiences to write about. I hadn’t been madly in love or had my heart broken yet. I was still young and had yet to experience any life-altering events worthy of song.

That all changed three years later. When I was fourteen, a good friend of mine, who was also fourteen, was diagnosed with leukemia. He fought it for a short time, but he was two weak. My friend died in the spring of his freshman year of high school, only a month after he had been diagnosed.

When I got the phone call about his death, I turned to the only thing that I knew would help: music. I locked myself in my room all that day and wrote a song about what had happened. I was never very good at talking to people about my problems or expressing my emotions very well, but music allowed me to do that. Through this song, I expressed everything that was on my mind during that time. I let everything out through that wonderful art form. When I was finished, I felt a sense of liberation. I felt like I had let all of my emotions go. In a way, I felt relieved.

It was during this time that I truly realized the power of song. Not only did writing the song help to alleviate my grief, but every time I played it thereafter I felt better about the situation. I felt like every time I played that song it was a tribute to my lost friend. I shared the song with some of my schoolmates, who were also friends with him, to help them get through that difficult time. It wasn’t long before word of that song got around to other students, who seemed grateful for my tribute. It showed that my music wasn’t only helping me, but all those affected as well.

Music can be seen everywhere in our culture, good and bad. We sing at birthday parties to celebrate another year alive, and we sing at funerals to celebrate the life of someone recently lost. No matter the occasion, music is used to enhance the celebration. Whether it be an event of mourning or that of cheerful celebration, music is there. Music seems to have a positive influence on our emotions, cheering us up in hopeless times and making us even more cheerful in happy times. Music can make any situation better.