This I Believe

Paul - Oceanside, California
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe everyone should access the ability to let it go.

Let go of the anger smoldering from the inconsiderate actions of the automobile pilots on your local freeways. Let go of the frustration erupting when things don’t go your way. Let go of the disappointment lurching when you do not satisfy the needs of those you love.

As a boy, I was fairly quite and came across as easy going. One would say I had the ability to let it go. Looking back on my childhood, I would say I possessed this ability. However, as I matured through adolescence and into young adulthood, I became aware of the utmost personal, negative beliefs I created and refused to let go; for there could be no possibility that my personal beliefs were not true. But these beliefs were created from an unreality, a reality my own conscious lead me to believe.

At the age of five years old, my parents separated and eventually divorced. A tragic event for such a young child, although I somehow found joy from this event as I was glad that the frequent yelling matches between my parents had come to a halt. As I matured through late adolescents, I came to discern a straining belief I had towards my father. The belief he doesn’t care. This negative belief most likely has roots leading back to my parents divorce, although this is not my point.

By realizing the costs of this belief and choosing to let it go, I transformed my relationship with my father. Suddenly, the constant pestering is no longer a trigger of frustration, but now seen as an expression of love. It was as if that one belief was the wall separating the connectedness a father and son should share. And by consciously choosing to let it go, a whole new world was revealed before my eyes.

The ability to let it go has been a key belief leading to the happiness and fulfillment in my life. Being constantly aware of the costs, such as the cost of love, which result from the natural tendencies of my own conscious, is no small feat. Although, acquiring the ability to let it go will transform the world we live in and give access to the popular phrase: “the possibilities are endless.”